4 Oct 2016

What are you still waiting for?CoolNira is not Scam, Join CoolNaira Today

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Some of you might be wondering About CoolNaira of it Scam or Not, If it Legit or not, but i can assure you guys that CoolNaira is one of the Best Networking Strategy currently In Nigeria, Some people are complaining about the Poor economic of the country while some are making Weekly N10,000 online without Any stress, if you are an Ardent reader of this post, i have once posted about CoolNaira Read Here , and some of you took a Bold Step, while some of you relented and thank God for the lives of those that took this Bold because i believe they are Also Enjoying It.

How Does CoolNaira Works

Like i said CoolNaira is a Networking system of making some cashes online, i am going to do my best to make sure i break it down to the lowest level so you can understand and join me too. CoolNaira works by referring other people to Register under yo

Here is the deal: You join the program and invest a lifetime token amount of ₦1,000. when you refer someone to join, that person invest the same amount and you will earn 50% from it. Not only that, you will also get more goodies and profit like indirect earning commission of 5% from all your downlines + bonus.(people referred by the s you referred)

Coolnaira networking system is designed in a 4 width and 10 deep. That is 4x10, Meaning 50% (500 per person you refer who have also Invested there own N1000) profit on direct referrer while the remaining 50% profit is shared by 10 for upliners and server maintenance.

When you refer 4 people, you will be in level 1.(N2000) Those 4 people also refer 4 people each, then your network grows and builds your income. You earn 50% = ₦N500 on your direct referrer (Level 1). You earn token of 5% = ₦50 from indirect referrer (level 2 - 10).

The more you refer - the more you earn. E.g: 50% = ₦500 x 10 people daily = ₦5,000 x 7 days in a week = ₦35,000 x 4 weeks in a month = ₦140,000.

Forget Paypa and Devaluated Dollar in Nigeria, considering the recent lapses of CBN as concerned BDCs and forex trading, you can actually make millions of naira online if you really know what you are doing. No joke, you only need at least FOUR (4) people to start making money with coolnaira forever...

Guys take this Bold Step, I repeat!! Take this Bold Step and i believe you will Never regret it in life. N1,000 is big looking at the present economic of this country, but With just N1,000 You can be making Extra Income on Weekly Basis to support your self, even Married Men and women who have Access to the Internet Can also Join this Program and be making Extra money for the Family.

Remember You cant just sit @ Home and expect Manner to fall down, you have to Work towards it, Work for it!! and see your self Achieving your Goals.

Payment Proof

How to Get Started

Start by Registering an Account CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR OWN ACCOUNT.

After account Approval Login in to your DashBoard. Click on Upgrade Account

Then follow The procedures there to Upgrade your Account+ invest a lifetime investment of N1,000 only!!

After a successful Payment to there Account Number, then you can login to your Dashboard Again and click Upgrade Account scroll down and fill in details of your Payment, which include

==> Amount You Paid ,

==> Date of Payment,

==> Username to upgrade (Your User ID)

==> and your Email Address.

Additionally you will Also Select your Method of Payment. (The method you used in Paying them)

if you Paid through Bank Transfer Thick it, or mobile transfer or Atm transfer TiCk* it and provide the Additional details Needed to Fully Verify your Payments.. then you SuBmit it.

It takes 24Hrs before you Account can be Upgraded, then you can start Referring other people and start making your own Money..

How to Get your Referral ID/Link

Login to your Dashboard and click Promotional Center and you should see your own Referral Link. For those of you that have Websitea, you can also use their Banner too to make extra Income from your Website..

So guys, i think that is all for Now... Remember Take this Bold Step today!! and you wont regret it..
receive our updates directly to your phone now SMS follow techrul to 40404 to starts Now!!!(SMS is Free)



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