Friday, 8 July 2016

Solution to Airtel Blackberry BB10 BIS not working Again on your Device

Many Complaint Have been Laid to me by Multitude of this Blog Users stating that their Airtel Bis BB10 Plan Had Stopped working and as a matter of Fact i was among them, because mine also stopped working.

see one of the Mail i received from a GP blog Reader

Although i felt awful looking at the economic this Time and someone used 1K and yet his goal was not achieved, so i started making enquiry being that am also a victim.
Here is my BB10 BIS Balance i have not been able to use it since it stopped working.

so after a thorough investigation i found out that it was only those that opted in for the Airtel 2G Data Plan that were Affected because a friend of Mine is still using His own till Now..

So Here is the Solution if you have subscribed for Airtel BIS are you are unable browse with it

1. If you have earlier subbed for the Airtel 2G Data Plan, Be rest assured that this BIS won't work on that particular Sim Again even after you opt out of the 2G plan by dialing *482*3# ,it won't still working.

so what you will do it if you haven't used a Dime from the 3GB allocated to you, just call Airtel customer Care center via 111 and tell them that you mistakenly subbed for Airtel BIS plan on your Android and you haven't been able to used it that they should refund you your N1000 and take back their Data. (Worked for Me)

2. Don't do Airtel BIS on that Sim Again, just Get another New Sim to continue Enjoying your Airtel BIS at Maximum Speed and without Data Zapping.

Incase you are new to this BIS stuff, then

See how to Activated And Enjoy Yours Here

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