Monday, 18 July 2016

See settings for the Latest Airtel 0.0K Unlimited Free browsing Via Psiphon with new Proxy Server

All we Have been Enjoying this Month is just Free browsing Via Psiphon VPN, Even after Airtel blocked the Old One we were Using before, and still Our Glo 0.0K unlimited is Still Blazing Till Now.

but today New Airtel 0.0K free browsing Cheat Is out again and blazing with new Proxy Server, let me go straight to the point here because am currently blazing it.

as we all know we have been trying so Hard to Make use of this Free facebook surfing on On Airtel to browse unlimtedly with Psiphon and it has been Accomplished by Top Boss..

Name ==> Airtel NG
APN ==>
Username ==> Internet
password ==> internet

Untick Remove Port

Proxy Type ==> Real Host
Proxy server ==>

*Leave the Rest At Default *

Click On More option and Untick Connect through HTTP Header

thats all Finally Go back And Hit The Connect Button, one thing with Airtel is that the Network is very Fast, so enjoy it while it Last..

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