Saturday, 25 June 2016

You can now Scan documents Via DropBox Mobile App and Here is how to do it

as we all know that scanning of documents is very useful and needful in our everyday life.

Dropbox, which is one of the most popular online and cloud storage platform has now included "document scanner" so that users can easily scan any type of doc and send to cloud, or save in any other platform. Aside from that, there are other new productive features included in the latest Dropbox update.

1. Scan documents in Dropbox
2. Create Microsoft Office docs on mobile
3. Share files and folders from the desktop
4. Add comments to a specific part of a file
5. Recover old files if accidents happen, or if you just want to revisit an idea
6. More control over how you share files
7. Preview files and documents even if you don’t have the right apps to open then installed.

Meanwhile, at the moment this newly added features are only available for iOS users as there is no word from Dropbox on the date or time it will be rolled out for android devices. But i believe it won't take long until the updates start popping in on android platform.

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