Friday, 10 June 2016

See new Whatsapp Feature that Lets you Quote Words when chatting

Whatsapp keep on Amazing it users with new and wonderful features and just now they have unveiled another cool feature with allow you to quote text when chatting with The App.

When you select any message in any conversation - be it a text or media message in a one-on-one or group chat - you see a Reply button at the top of the screen among the different options to delete and star and forward. Tap it and the quoted message will show up as a preview on top of the text entry box where you can add your reply. 

Once you've sent your reply, it will show up inside the conversation with the original quoted message attached on top of it, along with the sender's color-coded name. This will work well in group chats where each participant gets a specific color. Anyone can tap that attached quote to move to the corresponding message quickly.

so to get this new feature all you have to do is to Kindly Update your whatsapp to the latest version and you are good to Go, but mean while we are still Waiting for the Video features to be unleashed.

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