Monday, 13 June 2016

How to use Airtel 2GB and 6GB data plan On 3G Network

for sometime now w have been rocking the Airtel Cheap 2GB and 6GB data plan, but only on 2G network, See how to subscribe for yours Here

But today, i am going to teach you simple trick on how to Make it browse on your 3G network..

1. Download these files below.

==> Script Manager Here

==> 2G/3G turbo changer script here

==> Busy Box Here

==> 2G/3G Speed optimizer Here

==> A rooted phone
How to root with Kingroot Here
How to root all tecno phones here

Thats all you need for this tutorial..

1. Open Busy Box and click on Install

now allow the installation to finish, and move to the next step.

2. Open your 2G/3G speed optimizer
Tick "Down Speed Increase " and choose 12/28/7 - max speed and click on Apply Tweak

3. after that Restart your Phone and move to the next step.

4. open your Script Manager and browse through the file you downloaded which is 2G/3G turbo changer script

5 Allow the Super User (grand Permission)or else click on the Super user icon , grant permission and run the script.

5. Scroll up and set the setting to Fastest by typing 3 on your android keyboard to get the maximum Data Speed .

Reboot your device and switch your Airtel Network to 3G mode and enjoy the Speed..

if you got any problem kindly leave a comment below..


  1. nice post 👍.Pls after I reboot my phone the second time,do I need to open the apps again or just start browsing

  2. Dude. Where did you come from? dude you are really good.Wish you were in my school. I would stick to you like ant on sugar

  3. hello Mark. thats very funny bruh.. thanks for the compliment..

  4. iyiola. when you reboot your phone. just switch to 3G network and start browsing.

  5. Thanks I have tested it is working perfectly you can also see it here

  6. d 3g/4g speed optimized didn't work on my rooted Infinix X507, and also d script manager didn't work pls guys help me out

  7. I don do all this above setup bt still yet,i am unable to browse wit d 3g network....plz reply asap

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  9. i think this process is Outdated