Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Comparison between Camon C9 and Camon C8 Camera

hello guys, the Tecno Camon C9 is the latest Added Gadget to the Tecno C series and both the C8 and C9 are both known as Camera Phones, although i did not do full Review about the C9 like i did in C8 Here, and the Camera of Camon C8 was also compared to that of Iphone 6.

so i was opportune to get Hold of the new Camon C9 Yesterday, although no review was Done, but I was focused More on the Camera and i compared to C8. See Specs of Tecno Camon C9 here… although i can't really say which one is better, but i think you guys will do the saying for me.

Starting first is a picture i shot last night using the Camon C9 back camera under low no light condition. The image was shot some few minutes to 9pm ( precisely 8:47pm ). Thanks to PHCN, there was no electricity at the time. It so happened that during the time, i was testing the Camon C9 watermark feature and taking a picture .

the Above picture was taken in the Night with the Tecno Camon C9.

Now lets compare it with picture take with Tecno Camon C8 at about exactly The Same Time.

the above was taken by C8 at night also..

so you have seen the Pictures taken by both phones at Night.. now lets move to the day time pictures..

am seriously inlove with this love.. lol.. this was shot by C9.

Shot with C9.

now Guys what is the Actual Difference between this two Tecno Giants?
So, there you have it guys. These are not all the pictures you should expect from

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